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Millions of dollars of disability benefits are held back, unnecessarily, every year

ElderCare Publishing Company is a unique on-line publisher of Disability resource manuals and newsletters. Our mission is to raise the awareness of individuals and their advisors about the risks and issues relative to filing long term disability claims and successfully collecting benefits.

We utilize our specialized understanding of the Disability claims process and why disability claims are denied. More importantly, we share our expertise on how to file disability claims correctly.

We are a publisher dedicated to advancing an exchange of unique information and expertise on Long Term Disability & Long Term Care. Getting Paid has resources resources covering Lifestyle Changes for the Disabled; including independent living, adapting the home, assistive technology, transportation and dignified accessible travel and technology enabled products and services.

You're healthy one moment and disabled the next; your life forever altered permanently. Once you've recovered from the physical and emotional trauma, you'll need to research "Lifestyle Changes for the Disabled." We can help you find readily accessible, reliable up to date resources in one place. Our extensive database of disability related resources has been created to help educate and empower people with disabilities.

Forty million disabled Americans now have the opportunity to explore the possibilities of modern day travel. Our objective is to enhance and expand accessible travel opportunities, as well as adjusting to a disabled lifestyle. We actively promote disability advocacy with the full inclusion and participation of individual with disabilities in all aspects of life.

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Long Term Care is considered to be the largest unfunded liability in America
Our Long Term Care publications are designed to assist professional advisors so that they can educate their clients about the Long Term Care risks, issues and solutions. ElderCare Survival Kit... Long Term Care insurance Marketing Presentations for Insurance Advisors, Financial Planners and Employee Benefit Consultants will be available in April.

Disability Message Board (Coming Soon)
Our Disability Message Board is available exclusively to individuals filing long term disability claims, previously unable to communiquè with each other. There's an "aloneness" experienced when filing a disability claim by yourself. Thousands of individuals all over the United States file their claims "disconnected" from each other. Our Disability Message Board provides a single internet location for advocacy, helping disabled individuals connect with each other.

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