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ElderCare Survival Kit is the most advanced and comprehensive collection of marketing strategies, sales approaches and "visuals" in the Long Term Care Insurance industry. It is your key to success.

We call our manual ElderCare Survival Kit because it is about survival. Whether we live our lives independently and in control, or in fear of being dependent on others, it is about ElderCare Survival.

Our exclusive ElderCare Survival Kit Long Term Care Insurance (
LTCI) marketing presentations are based on the recent findings of revealing research studies.  The presentations are available in two (2) convenient and versatile formats: a flipchart and a Power Point Presentation.


Our flipchart is spiral bound and comes on 8" x 11", 80# glossy full color paper. The flipchart is accompanied by our LTCI "script" - all the words (and knowledge) you will need to turn prospects into clients.  

Our Power Point Presentation, which mirrors the flipchart, is specifically designed for conducting a Long Term Care planning seminar at your client's place of business or making presentations to large audiences.
We studied the techniques of recognized successful LTCI producers. We added concepts based on revealing new research which gives us facts that are impossible to refute. We then developed our cutting edge LTCI marketing techniques to improve our own LTCI proficiency. "Field tested" is our mantra.


Our objective is to help you to maximize your LTCI income, productivity and proficiency. Our Special Report on Understanding the Psychology of Men and Women and Their Buying Habits is yours free when you purchase any of our LTCI marketing presentations.

Our Special Report analyzes the purchasing habits of men and women with regard to LTCI. Your understanding of these key male and female purchasing "hot buttons" not only will help you boost sales, but will enhance your relationships with your prospects.

The Special Report also contains a particular focus on the unique needs of women as they relate to
LTCI. In the process, we develop an appreciation of the importance of EMPATHY and how it affects relationships. We better understand the need to satisfy his ego needs by being her 'protector', one of your keys to the kingdom.

Our Special Report will help you better understand why your prospects haven't purchased LTCI before. In this regard, the Special Report will help you to understand the vitally important concept of EVENTS to which your prospect may or may not have been exposed.

Our Elder Care Survival “Script” will help you to maximize every opportunity to guide your prospects through the
LTCI educational process. Success in marketing LTCI begins with clarifying misinformation and misguided assumptions. The research and studies confirm that most people mistakenly presume that they are covered for long term care. They are not.

The Script contains numerous teachings of "Sage", our very wise LTCI owl, who reviews the findings from the latest studies of what motivates people to purchase LTCI, and cross-references those findings with revealing data on why others haven't purchased LTCI. Sage highlights the most compelling presentation concepts, and mistakes to avoid, throughout our Script.

Our Script will help you to inform and educate your prospects in the most logical manner, thereby addressing their potential objections in the process. Our presentation of this powerful research and undisputable facts will help you to motivate your prospects into action and overcome their feelings of denial.

Our Script is readily adaptable from individual prospects to a corporate or seminar setting. The Script allows you to make a complete presentation and cover the entire
LTCI "landscape", as your prospects will have varying levels of LTCI knowledge.

Your ElderCare Survival TOOLBOX included with our Script contains every tool you will need to establish your professionalism.  Your TOOLBOX includes ElderCare Survival's advanced marketing and sales strategies for selling LTCI to individuals, business owners and their employees. We give you all the pertinent educational and motivational concepts, techniques and ideas, and tools for handling objections. Having everything you need at your fingertips, you will be able to effectively educate and motivate your prospects, who WILL become clients. 

Our unparalleled approach ensures your
LTCI success because we eliminate key objections within our unique, distinctive Marketing Presentations. The revealing research developed in our Special Report introduces you to the latest findings, giving you a unique insight which was previously unavailable. Your ElderCare Survival TOOLBOX opens the door to a wealth of LTCI knowledge and insider tips.


Included With Your Order:

»Elder Care Survival FLIP CHART Long Term Care Client Presentation
»A Complete Written Script That Matches the Visual Presentation
»Conducting Long Term Care Informational Seminars
»Elder Care Survival Special Report
»Elder Care Survival Toolbox

$99.95 + $9.95 Shipping & Handling

$109.90 including Shipping & Handling


Included With Your Order:

»POWER POINT Long Term Care Client Presentation
»Elder Care Survival FLIP CHART Long Term Care Client Presentation
»Exclusive tips on effective Power Point Presentations
»A Complete Written Script That Matches the Visual Presentation
»Conducting Long Term Care Informational Seminars
»Elder Care Survival Special Report
»Elder Care Survival Toolbox

$149.00 + $9.95 Shipping + Handling

$158.95 including Shipping & Handling

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